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So youre thinking about opening a business? Great! For anybody who wants to be part of a business that is fun, and a valuable addition to any community,owning and operating a Jumping Jacks may be the right choice. The family entertainment industry is HOT right now and is expected to remain that way. So the question becomes, why open a Jumping Jacksand not one of the other choices?

This webpage is just a start...we look forward to telling you more about the "Jumping Jacks Way," but here are the main points that differentiate Jumping Jacks the most from others in the Family Entertainment Center industry:

Obsessive Customer Service
Everybody says this, but we mean it. At Jumping Jacks, we are constantlymeasuring and finding new ways to improve the experience we give our customers. We talk to our customers. We stay current on best practices by constantly reading the latest literature. We find more and more effective ways to create a culture of "excellence for its own sake" at our facilities. We look forward to talking to you more about this.

Continuous Innovation
Customer service isnt the only area of innovation. Were always looking for new ways to delight our customers. By adding new services, new party options, and the latest, greatest amusements, our customers always look forward to their next visit. Were usually pleased with what were doing, but were never satisfied and want to make it better!

Sophisticated Technology
We like technology that makes running a business more profitable, easier and more fun. Were not interested in gimmicks that distract from our main goal of providing unbelievable service to our guests. We apply web, email, and database technologies so that we know whats going on with the press of a button. JJ Technology helps us figure out whats working, how were doing, and what we should be doing more (or less) of. We know of no competitor who comes close.

Process, Process, Process
If we cant duplicate our methods at your new facility, whats the point? We can. Every aspect of running a Jumping Jacks--including the difficult task of creating a highly motivated, service-oriented staff--is documented and repeatable. Nuff said.

Dedicated Personal Attention
Were not huge (yet). Thats a big advantage for our first few partners. You get all of our attention. Were excited about expanding and when we find partners that are as excited as we are, great things will happen.

Highly Capable Management
The creators of Jumping Jacks have been to school and around the block. We have degrees in computers, psychology, and business. We have decades of combined experience in large and small companies in technology, healthcare, and retail. A primary advantage of joining the JJ team is the experience, innovation, and dedication of our management team...but thats for you to decide after you contact us!!