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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Jumping Jacks Guests,

Q. What are your hours and how much does it cost?

Open hours vary per location please see our Calendar in the home page.

$16 (San Dimas) per child and the parent is free with a paying child.


Q. How does it work?

“All of our parties are private parties, no matter the package or what day of the week you get the same amount of time, two and half hours”.  Then you can go through the description of each room followed by the cake room.  “Our cake room is setup with three (four in San Dimas) picnic style tables that can seat about 12 kids (6 on each side of the table) plus another 6 foot table and a counter top.  You will be assigned a party coordinator in the cake room that will set up any decorations brought, setup /pass out the food, sing Happy Birthday, pass out the cake and clean up when you are done”.


Q. Do you offer decorations or can we bring in our own food/decorations/goodie bags/balloons?

“We do offer table cloths and balloons in different colors for a very Low price ($2 per balloon and $2 per table cloth) or you can bring in your own decorations and the party coordinator will set it up for you. The only decorations we do not allow are confetti, silly string and anything that hangs from the ceiling”.  

Yes,” you can bring in your own food. The items that you cannot bring in are pizza and Soda because we sell these items here at jumping Jacks. You can bring in Sandwiches, Pasta, Chicken fruit trays, chips and Cake, these entire item are okay. For the drinks you can bring in water, juice, Gatorade, lemonade, ice tea, just no Soda of any kind or form.  If you bring in your own food or additional food we charge a 1 time catering fee of $26. We supply you with unlimited plastic forks, spoons, cups, napkins and plates (Only Plates come in different colors) they are supplied for everyone in your party.


Q. If I bring in my own food do you have refrigerator space or can you warm up my food?

 “We do not have refrigerator space because they usually have the cakes for the day, but you can bring in an ice chest to keep any drinks or food items cold. We do not have any equipment to heat up the food, but you are more than welcome to bring in crock pots to keep the food warm”.


Q. Can we take drinks/food into the jump rooms?

 Yes,” you can take Only drinks in the Jump rooms as long as it is Only Water”.


Q. How much time do I have to setup up the cake room, and who does the setup?

” There is a 15 min window to setup the cake room. There is one party coordinator assigned to your party to setup our basic items that we offer (Balloons, Table cloth and Plates).  Any items/additional decorations brought in by the Party host we will do our best to help you set it up. But please remember there is a small window of time for the setup.  If you are bringing your own items/decoration, please keep it simple due to the limited time.  You are always welcome to help during the setup of the cake room. Please let our Team Leader know that you want to help setup the cake room.” 


Q. How much are pizza/soda/cakes/balloons/goodie bags?

Pizza (one topping) is $17, 2 Liter Soda is $4, Cake is $34 (Sam’s Club), Balloons $2 and Goodie bags are $4.


Q. Do you have any specials?

Our Specials are located in our Options and Pricing Tab under “Click here for Monthly Specials”


Q. Who do you count towards the party package/at what age do you consider a child?

We only count between the ages of 2 and 17 years old, anyone older or younger is completely free.


Q. when do I have to give you a party package I am not sure how many kids yet?

When we book your party we require a package. Six days prior to your party date we require the final party package so we can staff accordingly.


Q. How to book?

There are three ways to book

Book online

Book over the phone

Or come in person


Q. Do you need a deposit?

Yes, “we do require a $100 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable, but it’s applied to your package and the final bill is due at the end of the party”.


Q. Can I change my date?

You can change the date and/or time ONE Time Only up to 14 days prior to your party once you are in the 14 days of the party if you decide to change the date or time with in the 14 days there will be a $50 Rescheduling fee added. For example, if your party date is on the 15 of the month you have until the 1st of the month to do any changes, after that there will be a $50 rescheduling fee.


Q. Can I look up a date for availability?

Yes by selecting the location and going to the “BOOK A PARTY”


Q. Can you hold the date and time for me without a deposit?

“I am sorry, but our reservation system will not allow us to book any party without a deposit”.


Q. If I book now does the deposit get taken out immediately?

Yes, it does.


Q. How early can I arrive for my Party?

 “You can arrive about 15 to 20 min prior to your party”.

Q. When can I help setup or decorate my Cake room?

The staff will start the setup/decoration about an hour After you party starts, which is 30 Min before you go in the Cake room.