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The Process

The process for owning a Jumping Jacks is straightfoward. It allows for you and us to work together step-by-step and determine if we have a good match. Were looking for good people who share our core values. If you think you do, heres how we will proceed:

1. Think about it!
Dont rush this process. Talk to family and friends. Find people you trust who have started their own businesses. The rewards are wonderful, but its a lot of work!

2. Complete & send the "Get Started" Applicaton
Click HERE to go to the application page. Print it, fill it out, and fax to us. This is how we start the ball rolling.

3. Mutual Discovery
This step could be very quick or take a while. We need to talk. Well let you know what it takes to be successful and make sure were a good fit.

4. Preliminary Documents
This is the first commitment. We need to start sharing some of our secrets with you and well ask you to sign a Non Disclosure/Non Circumvention document. This basically says you wont learn from us and then open a competitive business on your own.

5. Visit Jumping Jacks
It starts really getting fun now! Well invite you to take an "inside tour" of one of our facilities and answer a zillion questions!

6. Partnership Agreement
At this point we will know if weve found a good fit for a new JJ. Well create a contract that creates the right relationship. Although there are some things that wont change, this will not be a boilerplate contract with no flexibility. It has to work for all parties.

7. Get Going: Site Selection and Training
At this point were ready to roll up our sleeves and get that new Jumping Jacks opened as quickly as we can. Well set a timeline for all tasks necessary to open. The timeline will make the process clear and manageable...though well all be busy!